​Frequently Asked Questions

Here are recurring questions and their respective answers. Kindly contact support if you have further enquires not covered here

What is Villecorp?

Villecorp is a build beyond border, digital first, real estate company based in the United Kingdom with intentions on giving members the unique opportunity to take part in the real estate industry, quality town planning, international networking, and to contribute to achieving better digital equality in the world. Villecorp is driven by entrepreneurship and sales that provides both employment and a source of income.

Is Villecorp accessible to all countries?

To see the specific countries where we are unable to offer services and membership registration, please see the policies & procedures section of our terms and conditions.

What makes Villecorp different from other real estate agencies?

Villecorp is quite unique because firstly, we operate a digital first model. You don't need to own a property to have a share in real estate to be a part of Villecorp, just the desire.

When was Villecorp founded?

Villecorp was founded on the 21st of June 2011 and was formerly known as VILLE CITY LTD but keeping in line with advancements in technology and our desire to rebrand and have a more online presence, we rebranded as Villecorp and launched our online services in June 2020.

Does Villecorp have a mobile app?

Technology has advanced greatly in recent times and mobile devices are the new rage, since we want to make real estate as accessible as possible to everyone, we developed an app to make it more convenient for users to our their activities and progress. Click link to download:

How can I contact the Villecorp?

The Villecorp support staff is always online to answer all questions and enquiries and you can reach us via various communication channels which includes but are not limited to livechat, emails, and Social media.

Can i have Multiple Accounts?

Each user is allowed to have just one account in the VilleCorp platform, we reserve the right to block the account of any user who abuse the affiliate program by creating multiple accounts or getting involved in questionable practices.

What is the purpose of a Villecorp Meetups?

Villecorp Meetups is for us to communicate the visions and goals of Villecorp. At the events we launch new products, share news about Villecorp, host training, and other company insights. The Villecorp Meetups are also a great opportunity for us to interact with our members, who make the foundation of the company.

What should I do if I have a problem logging in via the Villecorp app?

Restart your device and make sure that you have the latest version of the Villecorp app. If your version of the Villecorp app is outdated, go to google play store and download the latest version. You can also try to delete the Villecorp app and download it again. If none of these tips work, please contact the customer service for personal guidance and support.