6-Month Milestone reached!

2020 was a challenging year. A year well remembered as the year of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Whole countries went into lockdown, jobs were halted, movements were restricted, and the world as we know it was fundamentally changed.

One of the most notable things that have happened in recent times is the remarkable rise in the prices of digital assets such as Bitcoin which has not only beaten its previous all-time high price but also went ahead to double the all-time high price - all in a matter of weeks.

We foresaw this at the outset, and hence, added support for cryptocurrencies as one of the payment methods on our platform.

The biggest winners in 2020 are Villecorp Portfolio holders and VilleCorp partners. They're part of the biggest winners because we have paid out over 244% ROI to our portfolio holders in the past 6 months, as well as $21m in our affiliate programs. 

This was made possible because while other business sectors were literally crashing under the pandemic, the real estate sector was booming, houses were being constructed, governments around the world were taking advantage of the low foot and car traffic to build roads and VilleCorp was in the middle of it all.


Today marks 6 months of operation since the launch and so much has been achieved within this short time.

>> Villecorp has expanded into more regions.

>> Villecorp is the biggest employer in the real estate sector worldwide.

>> Villecorp is the most digital real estate company having evolved to accepting Cryptocurrencies for our services.

>> Villecorp remains the most trusted platform for real estate portfolio acquisition.



Our business development team, as well as partners in the real estate industry, recently concluded a projection meeting targeted at highlighting aspects for progressive developments as well as improved experience and returns for our portfolio holders. 

Here's to a greater 2021!