Introducing The VilleCorp Information Page


The VilleCorp team has been working tirelessly in the background, always building and always innovating, at the beginning of the year, in this previously published article, we gave certain hints about what to expect in the near future and since that article was published, you might have noticed a few changes in the VilleCorp Ecosystem, the most notable are:

  1. Daily Withdrawal Upgrade.
  2. DogeCoin Acceptance
  3. Platform Stats
  4. Payeer Removal
  5. Email 2FA for stronger Security
  6. More tutorial videos.
  7. New Telegram Community
  8. And much more...

We have been getting some questions about the inner workings of VilleCorp and keeping to our commitment for innovation, we have decided to launch a new information page, a page that would includes:

  • VilleCorp Investment Plans
  • Investment Calculator
  • Platform Stats
  • Cryptocurrency market stats
  • API for builders.

This New Information Page is aimed at helping new members better navigate the platform and also enable our affiliate partners better explain the platform to their prospective affiliates. Happy Earnings.

Information Page: