VilleCorp Expands It's Operations

Keeping in line with our commitment to growth, we are proud to announce that we have expanded our operations into more emerging economies, you might be wondering what inspires us and so to give you a peek of how a builder's mind works, we would be giving you an example you can relate to.

Have you ever seen a construction site before actual works starts in the location? Depending on the geographical location of the building site, it could be a desolate looking wilderness, a thick forest or even an urban but dismal looking jungle, but while you see a piece of land without any feature, an engineer sees a diamond in the rough which could be turned through hardwork and dedication into a shiny masterpiece.

From the deserts of Vegas and Dubai, architectural masterpieces has been carved out of the dry land which would have been considered inhabitable otherwise, thanks to the ingenuity of Engineers, those locations has been turned into world class attractions for many worldwide.

The VilleCorp team is mainly comprised of Engineers who sees potential in almost everything, we have left our mark in Europe, the Americas, Asia and even the wilderness of Africa and while we would be the first to admit the journey hasn't been easy, it is all worth it to reach the level where we are today.

VilleCorp now has presence in over 50 countries and we are not slowing down on our expansion goals anytime soon. Thank you for trusting VilleCorp. Together we grow.