VilleCorp hits Three Months

When we decided to take VilleCorp online and usher it into the new era of the internet, I have to admit that we had our reservations, the traditional ways we did things worked for us and change is not something people like to consider especially when things are going great, but we knew that the way the world was going, if we don't modernise our operations, we might soon fade into the history books in the near future, Armed with that knowledge, we set out to accomish our goals and if there is anything Engineers knows how to do best, it's BUILD!.

After months of work in the background, we finally felt confident of our online platform and we launched VilleCorp online portal on the 15th of June 2020, this was at a time when the Corona Virus Pandemic was at an All Time High(ATH) but this didn't deter us at all.

Today VilleCorp hits a major milestone of 3 months and we cannot resist mentioning some of our accomplishments within the past 3 months of operations.

  • VilleCorp has presence in over 50 countries.
  • VilleCorp is a major employer in the real estate space and while many other start-ups are downsizing, we are doing the opposite.
  • We have constructed over 200 structures (many of which are relief centers for those affected by COVID-19 in third world countries.
  • Successful deployment of our application on the Google app Store.
  • And these are in addition to the things mentioned in our one month anniversary newsletter.

In the coming months, we aim to expand our operations because as builders, that is what we do best. Thank you for trusting in VilleCorp, the best investment on Earth is when you invest on Earth.