Villecorp Officially Launches

In a world that is going digital, every existing industry including the real estate sector is not left behind, people used to dream about making a payment to Japan from the comfort of your home in London with transactions that are executed in seconds and can be tracked by both the sender and receiver in real-time.

Villecorp is poised to take the real estate industry to the new digital world with revolutionary technology, imagine living in Ireland but wanting to have a stake in a property in Aspen, VilleCorp has developed a strategy that enables you cut through the cultural, currency and bureaucratic barriers to make your dream a reality.

How are we accomplishing that?

With the invention of Blockchain technology and subsequently Cryptocurrencies which has made the idea of a unified world currency a reality, VilleCorp now enables everybody irrespective of their location to invest in real estate worldwide.

Villecorp Officially welcomes you to the new era of real estate management.