VilleCorp Projection For Growth In 2021

2020 was full of ups and downs and most of the downs were contributed by the Corona Virus Pandemic, we saw things that has never been witnessed before, whole countries went into lockdown, jobs were halted, movements were restricted, and the world as we know it was fundamentally changed.


But while there were lots of negativity, we also have to admit that there were some bright spots, while many physical businesses were affected by the pandemic, virtual entertainment and investment reached all time highs such as never been seen, stocks in companies like Zoom, Tesla, Apple and others really saw a parabolic rise, infact currently, we are seeing one of the biggest rises in virtual assets, Telegram recently celebrated 500 million users worldwide with over 25 million registrations per day!.


But one of the most notable things that has happened in recent times is the remarkable rise in the prices of digital assets such as Bitcoin which has not only beaten it's previous all time high price but went ahead to double the all time high price, all in a matter of weeks, we foresaw this in the beginning and that is why we rebranded our company and became the premier real estate company to accepts Cryptocurrency.


By now you should see where I am going with this, the biggest winners in 2020 are investors and VilleCorp investors are one of the biggest winners because we have paid out over 144% ROI to them in the 6 months that our investment arm was launched and this was made possible because while other sectors was crashing, the real estate sector was booming, houses were being constructed, governments around the world was taking advantage of the low foot and car traffic to build roads and VilleCorp was in the middle of it all.



Today marks 6 months of operation since our relaunch and so much has been achieved within this short time, we have expanded into more and more regions, we are one of the biggest employers in the real estate sector worldwide, we are the most digital real estate company having evolved to accepting Cryptocurrencies for our services and so much more but this is just a tip of the Iceberg because in our recently concluded team meeting, we highlighted certain aspects we could improve on and our projections for growth in 2021 and it's truly a beauty to behold.


In VilleCorp, we believe that Real Estate should not be an exclusive club for the Elite alone, it should be an all-inclusive opportunity that is open for all and it was this vision that eventually paved the way for the creation of the VilleCorp Investment Arm where Real Estate is tokenised and everybody is given the opportunity to own a piece of Real Estate.



The VilleCorp team recently came together to discuss 2021 and what we aim to achieve in this new year, so many issues were discussed and we also looked at the suggestions given by our community members and there is so much potential for growth in the VilleCorp Ecosystem and we aim to take advantage of every single opportunity.


In line with our commitment to delivering quality services across the globe, we would be expanding into more countries and regions in 2021 and also increase our marketing efforts in countries which we already occupy especially in the digital space, while there are still COVID-19 restrictions in certain parts of the world, the world is developing at a very fast pace and VilleCorp aims to be in the forefront of all that development. The VilleCorp Investment Arm would not be left behind in the expansion and we would be unveiling more details about this when the time is right.